We are pleased to be taking part in the Reading & Wellbeing Conference at St John Vianney English Hub on 24th March!

We love speaking to school leaders about the many benefits our aquariums offer and this Wednesday, you will be able to see for yourselves!  One of our fantastic column aquariums will feature live throughout the conference so you can sit back and enjoy watching the fish while listening to their speakers.

The aquarium is currently on its way to be installed this morning and it sounds like the staff are more excited than the children!

At Aqualease, we are really passionate about encouraging a love of reading.  Many of our school customers choose to display their aquarium in the library as the fish draw the children in and also provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Our interactive classroom projects also complement English through creative writing and researching different species.  Being able to handle the creatures and engaging in a hands-on experience leads to more in-depth knowledge.

Schools attending the conference will have the chance to win one of our half day rock pool days worth £299!