Rock pools are a unique habitat. During low tide, the sea unveils a plethora of interesting species left behind in rocky levels, each one equipped to cope and adapt to constantly changing environments. Only if situated in an area close to the sea and when the tide is taught at the correct time, can an individual enjoy the fascinating formations and species of a rock pool. Thanks to Aqualease – this is about to change!

The Aqualease Rock Pool experience is an innovative service which has been cleverly and carefully developed by the company’s highly experienced marine rangers and our credible staff, to link in with many aspects of the national curriculum. It delivers information, activities and a remarkable hands-on experience right to the classroom desk. Pupils are able to enjoy two and a half hours off fascinating facts, combined with a chance to get up close and personal with rock pool species such as Mussels, Crabs, Blennies and Starfish.

Aqualease’s extraordinary rock pool experience compiles 7,723 miles of British coastline into one small, digestible learning session. The talk provided by our team of marine rangers encourages children to use their initiative to work within a team to share ideas and discuss various topics surrounding native species and their coastline habitats. The interactive environment is both stimulating and unforgettable.

Aqua Explorer is also available for care homes and workplace bookings, ideal for touch pool therapy and workplace wellbeing days.

An introduction of the rock pool’s inhabitants opens up the meeting to encourage students to share their experience of their visits to the coast.  Fascinating facts about the formation of rock pools are delivered to the children, together with information about how each species has evolved to survive the crashing waves, changing weather conditions and predators of the ocean. Children are also encouraged to think about conservation. The Rock Pool Experience which is set up on the day, is delivered to up to 40 pupils during term time. The class are split into small groups, each focusing on different activities. One at a time, groups will have an opportunity to view the rock pool tank closely, touch, observe and hold some of the animals, asking questions to our friendly marine rangers. Other groups will look at fact sheets and take part in a number of small fun activities using informative worksheets provided.

And the fun doesn’t end there! At the end of the rock pool experience, each student takes home an educational pack with colouring worksheets and facts to further their knowledge of our country’s precious and wonderful coastline.

  • One off experience provided for the day
  • Educational materials provided
  • Delivered by our highly experienced Marine Rangers
  • Hands on and interactive for children
  • Programme of study provided


A small example of some of the creatures we feature in the Rock Pool Experience



The Aqualease Rock Pool Experience covers the following areas of the national curriculum to assist with a child’s development and learning:

  • Literacy – creative writing and researching fascinating species living on the British coastline.
  • Geography – discussing seas that surround the British coastline and the importance of conservation.
  • Science – fish anatomy, vertebrates and invertebrates, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

What schools say about the Aqua Explorer British Shore Rock Pool Experience:

Today’s Rockpool experience was amazing. Dave the ranger kept the children engaged, with his fun and friendly approach, even babies & toddlers were fascinated. The 2-4 year olds loved it, they were so interested in the amazing facts and the ranger encouraged them to ask questions. All children were given an information & activity booklet which was a lovely finishing touch. After you had gone, the children couldn’t stop talking about it, the staff have got so many ideas now for activities to extend learning based on this experience.

We wouldn’t hesitate to book this again. Thank you guys from all the staff & children at Evolution Childcare.