Aqua-Impact: Mindfulness and Wellbeing in Schools

September 21st, 2023|Education, Educational Aquariums, Wellbeing|

You remember school, don’t you? A place that promised fun while learning. A place where the key building blocks of stable and healthy development in the early years were stacked and mortared in place. A place where friendships could be formed for life. A place where accepted social standards were imprinted on us, and the [...]

A Fantastic Sensory Experience

July 20th, 2021|Rock Pool Experience, Wellbeing|

Did you know our educational rock pool visits also offer a fantastic sensory experience? We have worked with many special schools over the last few years, adapting our experience for children with complex needs.  Most recently, we visited Green Fold Special School and we tailored the experience to suit children of mixed ability and with [...]

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