Cold water aquariums are wonderful additions to fast-paced environments such as offices, doctors surgeries and dentists. Our fantastic cold water aquarium rental service provides the very best when it comes to hiring premium quality materials, tanks and equipment – but what’s more, we also stock a range of beautiful cold water livestock to ensure that everything is ready on the day of installation.


Shubunkins are similar in shape to the Comet Goldfish yet boast beautiful shades of red, gold, purple, blue, black and white. With larger tails than the Comet, Shubunkins are fast and agile swimmers making them an incredibly interesting species to watch. The male can take around twelve months to reach its full coloration.


Common Goldfish

The Common Goldfish is by far one of the most favourite cold water fish species to own as a pet for most hobbyists, mainly for its delightful colouration and peaceful, friendly nature. The Common Goldfish are sociable and thrive well in communities – a must-have for any cold water fish tank.



Comets are one of the oldest and best known varieties of cold water fish species. The fins on the Comet Goldfish are much thinner than the Common Goldfish, giving them an almost angelic, floaty persona that contributes to the many calm-inducing qualities of owning a relaxing fish tank.


Yellow Goldfish

The Yellow Goldfish is a sunny, cheery fish which has captured the hearts of many aquarium hobbyists over the decades. This species stands out as a visual interest for those admiring a cold water tank with accompanying goldfish, due to its unique canary-yellow colour.


your installation.

At Aqualease, our unbeatable aquarium rental service provides the very best in quality equipment to ensure a careful balance of lighting, feeding and filtration is achieved for the best ideas. Our cold water aquariums for hire can be made to look just as beautiful and enticing as tropical or marine tanks, by selecting a variety of vibrant fish to create interest and colour. The benefits that aquariums can bring to psychological, emotional and physical health are extraordinary. Our rentals have proven particularly successful in settings such as lobbies, canteens, receptions areas, waiting rooms, and dentists. Having a cold water aquarium in settings such as these, can provide a room with a spectacular focal feature as well as a point of interest to encourage social aspects within care homes, hospitals, residential homes and nurseries. Once you have chosen your cold water aquarium, our team of qualified technicians complete a full risk assessment followed by a hassle-free set-up with no nasty hidden fees! Food and livestock are provided on the day, together with support and advice on the settling-in period. Services are then carried out on a monthly basis to ensure that your cold water fish are getting all the care that they need, as well as adequate feeding and cleaning out to enhance their overall growth and vitality.

Cold water aquariums are also a great addition to schools and nurseries, where children can learn about the activity, behaviour and feeding patterns of the different species, together with how they live within an underwater ecosystem. Posters showing the different cold water fish are also provided as part of our hire service – allowing children to work together in groups or independently, to learn about the fish and their habitat. Our cold water aquarium rentals for schools make a welcoming feature to the school and links in with the national curriculum to support education with looking after pets and animals and learning aquatic life.

Choose from a selection of our stunning cold water fish and create your very own unique underwater universe as part of our unbeatable cold water aquarium hire service.