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Our incredible range of 6ft Base Column aquariums are available in 8 different colour finishes and provide a spectacular focal point for settings such as doctors surgeries, hospital waiting rooms, dental practices and schools. The innovative structure of its low base offers an incredible chance to observe the stunning colours and behaviour of many fish species, courtesy of a near 360º viewing design. Our selection of 6ft base column aquariums have a choice in equipment and livestock. A full assessment is carried out before installation, followed by a hassle-free set-up, fish feed and regular monthly services, with no hidden fees.

Our hand-picked selection of column aquariums combine practical space-saving designs with eye-catching beauty, and have been developed using a blend of incredibly durable materials to create a unique and sophisticated aesthetic. An innovative hood pivots away from the tank to allow for food to be administered into the water without the hassle of having to lift the entire hood away. All equipment can be powered from one single socket, allowing for leads to be stored out of sight behind the rear wall of the aquarium. The contemporary-styled octagon shape of the iconic 6ft base column aquarium, is particularly versatile, fitting into dark corners with ease and helping to create a welcoming and captivating atmosphere for open spaces shared by patients, customers and employees. Aquariums are a fantastic way of adding interest to busy work environments with high stress levels, to create a sense of clarity and relaxation among work colleagues. Recent research supports that they are incredibly effective at helping to relieve symptoms associated with mental health conditions such as dementia and depression.

Our aquarium rental around the North West region is a fantastic option for those businesses wanting to trial the beneficial results that can be experienced within the healthcare and educational sector at pocket-friendly prices. Our 6ft base column aquariums for hire can be set up to cater for every need. Choosing from our selection of tropical or cold water species in order to create a captivating underwater world, is also well received by children in classroom settings. The calming effect of adding an aquarium with brightly coloured fish into a room of children will not only enhance concentration levels, but provide a topic for children to discuss and learn about as part of a classroom project.


Colour Choices

Please do select your preferred colour choice in the swatches above from our standard colour ranges.If you’re prefer a different colour to match your interior , we have an excellent optional extra service . Also if you would like your logo to be branded on the aquarium this is another optional extra service we can provide.

Choose Your Fish!



Volume capacity 200L
Weight when full 235kg
Dimensions(cm) 49W x 183H

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