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Aqualease are proud to introduce to you the ‘Moon Jellyfish Aquarium.’ This is an interactive live marine system enabling children to watch these mysterious creatures grow and develop in their aquarium habitat.

This is the first educational jellyfish aquarium developed by Aqualease that is posted out to each school setting. Enabling the staff and children to set the tank up from scratch, sorting lighting, adding water, nutrients and finally the moon jellyfish themselves. A simple to follow installation guide will also be provided. At the end of your six week lease period, the tank is then disassembled with instructions and then collected along with the jellyfish.

Our Jellyfish aquariums provide a truly hands on experience for all involved and a wonderful opportunity to learn about these very strange and mysterious creatures that have been roaming the seas for over 500 million years.

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Jellyfish Aquariums

Full information will be provided on the moon jellyfish including anatomy, diet, habitat etc. Other fact sheets will also include the largest jellyfish that roam our waters, the most venomous species and those that thrive in the most uninhabitable parts of the ocean. There will be a variety of activities to complete, enabling the children to enjoy and learn together. Children can also be involved in daily feeding and checking of the aquarium temperature too. The tank includes a colour changing LED light, showing off the jellyfish in an array of colours.

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