Angelfish have distinct territorial personalities and bear an unusual angular shape to their bodies. The male Angelfish is normally more round than the female, yet both varieties have long ventricle fins that look similar to tendrils. Their colours and patterns are striking, adding a unique element to tropical environments.


Red Rosy Barb

The Red Rosy Barb is a beautiful fish with silvery or coppery-pink coloured markings. The males boast more pink on their bodies and the fish are particularly active and fun to observe, making a delightful display in the tank.


Parrot Cichlids

Parrot Cichlids are a stunning bright orange/pink in colouration. The stocky deep-bodied fish provide contrast when combined with other colourful tropical fish. Parrot Cichlids are particularly hardy and make for a great choice in schools due to their eye-catching colour.


Gold Gourami

The Gold Gourami has golden-coloured markings. This peaceful fish is colourful and great to watch and can be housed with other tank mates, thriving well in mixed communities.


Blue Rainbow Fish

Blue Rainbow fish are also a fish that take well to communities of mixed fish and are incredibly relaxing to watch due to their peaceful character. The males develop a stunning orange stripe on their head during mating season.


Boesemani Rainbow Fish

Boesemani Rainbow fish are extremely popular due to their good size and interesting activity. This species of fish is a great addition to a tropical fish tank due to its striking steel grey colouration and golden yellow.


Red Rainbow Fish

Red Rainbows are distinct in looks due to their salmon red colour, making them easily distinguishable when added to tropical fish environments. When the males are kept with others of the same sex, they continue to change their colouration to stand out as the most vibrant during mating season.


Silver Shark

The Silver Shark takes its name from its torpedo-shaped body and is a peaceful community fish that creates visual interest in tropical aquariums. This species of tropical fish, showcase a silver body with striking black margins on their dorsal and pelvic fins. A unique addition, which children find fascinating.


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