Aqualease have been supplying aquariums to schools, nurseries and other areas of the educational sector for over twelve years now and have dedicated their expert knowledge and years of skill and experience into producing research that supports the benefits it brings to a child’s learning and development.

It is without doubt that hiring an aquarium for your classroom will create a sense of fascination among your students. Not only this, but aquariums have been scientifically proven to enhance relaxation and encourage a tranquil atmosphere, allowing children to develop at a steady pace whilst enjoying a calm environment. Our exceptional range of educational aquariums which vary in style and size from 6ft base tanks, to slim-line column-styled aquariums, curved front glass tanks and cubic designs all offer a captivating focal point for children’s classrooms or reading rooms small or large, as well as making perfect welcoming entrance features for receptions and canteens.

Aqualease have also created information packs and educational posters to accompany the aquarium rental for classrooms and children’s nurseries, giving the student’s an opportunity to study the different species that they can see inside the tank. Activity sheets are also available for those rainy playtimes!

As a new classroom aquarium project, we at Aqualease are linking our work with the national curriculum to provide schools with a hands-on and fully interactive experience of a coral reef aquarium. The extraordinarily beautiful live marine system covers key areas across the new national curriculum for all age ranges. This innovative teaching tool for the classroom joins a long line of unique services that our company brings to businesses up and down the country. As one of the largest aquarium companies within the UK to date, we are exceptionally proud to further develop our services into the educational sector to better improve the interactive experiences made available to children in the classroom. Housing exotic marine species such as Clownfish, Shrimps, Hermit, Gobies, Snails, Sea Urchins and an amazing selection of vibrant corals to choose from, the stunning marine aquarium which is available for rent for 6 weeks during term time, will provide students with an insight into the symbiotic relationships between two species, as well as creating an awareness of the feeding and growth patterns within a harmonic ecosystem.

With Aqualease’s educational aquariums, children are given a unique opportunity to learn about vertebrates and invertebrates combined with the chance to take part in educational activities that are both fun and interesting. The activities motivate the children to produce arts and crafts from the visual display provided by the aquarium, as well as creative writing to reinforce their ongoing learning which is also underpinned by science and numeracy foundations. And now the most important bit that you need to know – Aqualease provide the full package. From initial installation by our fully trained and DBS qualified technicians, to regular services and maintenance, full support and advice in how to integrate your marine species and care for them, full supply of fish and fish food together with complete educational packs on each species with a variety of enjoyable activities to conduct. At the end of the six weeks, Aqualease complete their service with safe and secure removal of the aquarium at your convenience. Installation also includes the integration of a special safety bracket which fixes securely to the back of the aquarium wall, offering additional structural support.

Aquariums for hire in classrooms and children’s nurseries offer an integral part of a child’s development, giving each student a responsibility by allowing them to learn how to take care of the fish, together with a full understanding of their growth and development as well as maintenance requirements. The students are offered a unique chance to feed the fish themselves whilst learning in a safe and controlled environment. Exploring the relationships between marine species provides the child with creative writing opportunities and research tasks, whilst estimating and measuring volumes of weight together with analyzing fish anatomy, provides the basis for strong numeracy and scientific skills to be applied. Sharing responsibilities and learning to work as a team allows the children to develop their communication and leadership skills, whilst maps of the ocean, continents, countries and habitats covers awareness and knowledge of geography.

We at Aqualease are currently suppling educational aquariums to over 400 Primary schools in the North West of England per year – our experience with new schools helping to shape the direction we take our educational content and packages towards. Our forward-thinking team are continuously growing their ideas towards refining the quality of our classroom projects, whilst also broadening our opportunities within the educational sector. If you would like more information on hiring an aquarium for your classroom or nursery, get in touch with one of our team members today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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