The Yellow Labidochromis Cichlid – these superb characters dressed in an electric yellow are a fish which appeal to many fish keeping hobbyists due to their interesting yet peaceful behaviour. Small in size but big in personality, this species of Cichlid like to be kept in communities rather than singularly because of their domineering nature.

Red Coral Cichlids are an attractive species, with males showing off a deep vibrant blue and the females a warm orange colour – both sexes provide a spectacular display of colour and activity.

Species such as the Aulonocara Cichlid, also known as the Peacock Cichlid has the most impressive mix of colours – the dominant males achieving the brightest marking than other males, to help him attract the female for breeding.

The Jacobfreibergi species of Cichlid is by far the most colourful member of the Peacock variety. Their thick, iridescent-white dorsal and caudal fin margins perfectly compliment their stunning metallic colours. These species make a great addition to a Malawi aquarium and will do its best in a thriving community.

Sunset Orange Cichlids are, as their name suggests a vibrant species which compliment all other coloured Cichlids. Their warm fiery colours are easy to spot – the males of which retain their colours despite their age.

Lake Malawi Cihlids are extraordinary in behavior and stunning in looks! Their incredibly vibrant markings provide interest and activity to any freshwater aquarium. Here at Aqualease, we want to ensure the very best service when it comes to helping you to achieve your dream aquariums design. Our freshwater aquariums for rental are fully installed with all necessary equipment and information, together with a selection of Malawi Cichlids, so that you’re ready to get started with your tank as soon as it’s set up!

Malawi Cichlids are one of the most colourful freshwater fish available on the market. Dressed in an array of stunning colours, they can easily match the beauty of many marine fish species and are just as fun to watch and take care of! From deep cobalt blues, to fiery oranges and zesty yellows, each of our Malawi Cichlids species are unique in characteristics. Malawi Cichlids are not suitable with tropical environments or our range of Column aquariums due to their slightly aggressive nature, but are particularity popular in our larger aquariums – often breeding when in the right conditions. Like all aquariums, our freshwater tanks for rental can be installed into any setting and work incredibly well in environments such as doctors surgeries, dentists, scanning rooms and classrooms. Feedback from our incredible portfolio of clients has supported current research carried out on the relaxing effects of aquariums, similarly having a therapeutic effect on psychological, emotional and physical well-being among patients, children and customers. We continue to supply freshwater aquariums for hire across the North West, providing stunning focal features for open spaces as well as an aid to enhancing relaxation via lowering blood pressure and heart rates in waiting rooms and healthcare practices.

Choose from a selection of our stunning Lake Malawi Cichlids and create your very own unique underwater universe as part of our unbeatable freshwater aquarium hire service: