Headteacher St Paul’s RCP: The fish tank has been a wonderful opportunity to support our children’s learning. From art, design, science literacy and maths. The opportunities have been endless. The children have particularly enjoyed researching about the origins of the fish and learning about their environment. The sustainability of the tank is another wonder to the children when they see the shrimp crawl onto the clown fishes back to clean it!!- amazing. It is great to have a symbiotic tank in the classroom as it’s a little bit of a coral reef right there for all to explore. . It does have a surprisingly calming influence over the children as well.

Our Coral Reef Aquarium

Aqualease bring the beauty and excitement of coral reefs to the classroom. As part of the company’s drive towards bringing aquariums and education together to enhance child development and education, Aqualease have completed a package for school projects which facilitates the opportunity to learn about species and habitats of the underwater world, all within the safety and comfort of the classroom.

The Aqualease coral reef project is successfully linked in with the national curriculum to encourage children to learn a set of unique skills that encompass problem solving, teamwork and responsibility, as well as enjoying a beautiful point of interest within their working envionment. The project also aims to educate from a conservation point of view. Aqualease deliver an interactive live marine system to schools for rental during term time, enhancing a calming, tranquil element to the environment they work in. The marine aquarium can also be installed into school foyers, canteens, entrances and staff rooms to create a beautiful focal feature for any setting.

Provided are a stunning range of coral reef species including the like of; Gobies, Clownfish (the popular Nemo fish), Corals and Sea Urchins. The marine tank is installed by our experienced team of technicians to offer a service second-to-none, complete with full safety assessment prior to installation. The coral reef project by Aqualease is available to rent during term time and will last the duration of one term. The aquarium hire with no hidden fees, is removed at the end of term by our team, allowing you to enjoy a unique, flawless, hassle-free service.

With so much evidence supporting the beneficial advantages of aquariums and their relaxing effects on environments, it is without a doubt that our marine tank, complete with marine species, food and fully-integrated equipment, provides the perfect setting for classroom productivity. Use of the coral reef tank can be integrated with everyday learning and tasks can be allocated to children to look after the fish whilst the aquarium is hired. The ecosystem within the aquarium can be combined with classroom exercises, learning about the survival and anatomy of the inhabitants. Teachers may also wish to bring aspects of the marine system into term time exercises by splitting children into groups to discuss their knowledge of the coral reef and what they have learnt throughout duration of the rental.

Aqualease are proud to grow their portfolio of over 400 Primary school installations in the North West of England, as the company further evolves. Our team of credible marine rangers and technicians provide a flawless hire service and are on-hand to provide any additional support required. The coral reef project for hire from Aqualease delivers the beauty and fascination of marine life with a dynamic and exciting approach to learning environments.

Educational Activities

Below are suggestions of activities which can be delivered to children, covering many aspects of the NEW National Curriculum.  A great fun way to learn!

  • Geography: Maps of the Oceans, Continents, Countries and learning the locations of the species.
  • Numeracy: Estimating, measuring, volume and weight.
  • Literacy: Creative Writing and researching about the different species.
  • Science: Fish Anatomy, vertebrates & invertebrates.
  • PSHE: ‘Symbiotic Relationships’, Communities, working together, exploring relationships.

We shall include many activities to assist your classroom experience which we have developed with other schools.

We will always listen to our customers and develop additional ones too!

Sarah Pollard – Year 1 Team Leader. Deepdale Infant School, Preston, Lancashire. A fantastic look into our ‘Animal Families’ topic in Year One. The children are mesmerised by the mini aquarium and can name the varieties of fish, label the different parts and explore what they eat. A brilliant resource for the classroom.



Please do go through the videos below to see the fantastic features of this truly amazing educational experience. Thank you