Malawi Cichlids make for a wonderful addition to any fresh water tank. Their vibrant colours often match the beauty found in most marine aquariums and many can be seen hiding in between rocks and building their own territories. Some of the species within our selection of Malawi Cichlids available at Aqualease include; Red Coral, Sunset Orange, Cobalt Blue Zebra and Peacock Cichlids.

Cold Water

Our cold water species include the likes of; Shubunkins, Yellow Goldfish, Comets and the Common Goldfish. Cold water fish create a beautiful colour palette of bright colours, pearly white tones and charcoal colours to admire. Our cold-water aquariums can be installed into any setting and have proved to be incredibly effective at reducing stress and anxiety in doctors surgeries and dentist waiting rooms throughout the North West region.


Marine fish are incredibly vibrant and interesting to look at. Choosing to hire a marine aquarium for your setting can enhance the beauty of a room as well as adding a focal feature to a tired, dull space. Our marine livestock collection includes the likes of; Banggai Cardinalfish, Blue Cheek Goby and the Coral Beauty Angelfish. Exotic, vibrant reds, yellows, purples and fiery orange colours help to fill even the smallest of marine aquariums with captivating beauty. Long Tentacle Anemone, Purple Mushroom and Ricordia Mushroom can also be supplied to add depth and texture to the tank as well as a natural environment for an array of fish.


Our fabulous selection of tropical fish include species such as; Red Rosy Barbs, Parrot Cichlids, Angel fish, Rainbow fish and Silver Shark. Tropical aquariums are both engaging and relaxing at the same time. Many can spend hours gazing into the depths of a colouful underwater world, admiring the behaviour and activity of beautiful tropical fish, swimming in and out of plants and ornamental features. Tropical fish are so much fun to look after and their beauty is the ultimate gift in return for doing so. Our tropical aquarium hire, together with a selection of accompanying fish is the perfect combination to enhance the beauty and ambiance of any room.

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