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Slimline aquariums contain a truly unique design and are perfect for tropical or coldwater fish. The tank which has been developed from a selection of high grade materials, is both durable and practical for those public areas that are limited in space. Constructed from acrylic rather than glass, these column aquariums offer a safe alternative from conventional-styled aquariums making them ideal for use within school reception areas, school canteens or foyers. With a taller base, the slimline column aquarium offers more space for incorporating a school logo or mission statement into the design. Likewise, if using the slimline column aquarium in patient waiting rooms, dentists or reception areas, the base can accommodate a company ethos or brand name to enhance the attractiveness of the tank.

Slimline column aquariums, like many other tank designs from the column collection, can fit neatly into small office spaces or corners, and despite their compact dimensions, their calming effects within a public space can be quite profound. The sight of fish swim freely around a beautifully decorated tank really can enhance the overall experience of a patient or customer sat waiting in a chair. Research shows that people who spend time watching fish tanks have experienced benefits in their physical and mental well-being. Our professional and sleek-looking slimline aquariums for rental offer a unique insight into the behaviour and activity of unusual fish species, along with captivating bubble effects and stunning colour combinations.

Our range of hand-picked slimline column aquariums feature a robust hood with discreet feeding tube designed to provide a more convenient feeding experience. Fish food or supplements can be administered into the water without the hassle of lifting the entire hood. The eye-catching octagon shape of the fish tank provides an almost 360º viewing experience and its innovate dimensions in a range of various finishes, can hold up to 100 litres of water. The tank is available in a range of colours too. With a sensational range of tropical or freshwater fish species to choose from, customizing your own rental aquarium is made as effortless and as fun as possible. Allowing you to achieve the perfect focal feature for your particular setting.

These great value slimline aquariums can enhance the décor of so many environments, creating a contemporary and stylish feature, whilst improving customer/patient experience. Hiring a slimline column aquarium can also provide a stimulating centerpiece for classrooms and nurseries, improving concentration levels and contributing to educational classroom activities among children.

Slimline Aquariums

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Available in Black Gloss

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Volume capacity 100L
Weight when full 130kg
Dimensions(cm) 49W x 170H

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