Banggai Cardinalfish also known as Longfin Cardinalfish, are a silver fish with distinct black stripes and white spots to their body. The slow and methodical swimmer is incredibly relaxing to watch.

Blue Cheek Goby will spend their time sifting through the substrate in search for small invertebrate foods, proudly showing off their vibrant yellow heads and unique blue stripe across the cheek.

The Clown Goby with its sunny yellow hue, contrasts beautifully against other species and will often perch itself onto a rock or piece of coral, or hover gracefully in the water.

The Coral Beauty Angelfish showcases an eye-catching deep royal blue head and body, highlighted with iridescent yellowy/orange sides.

The Flame Angelfish is a wonderful marine fish to add to any collection. Its gorgeous fiery orange colour provides contrast and is particularly easy to spot.

Green Chromis are beautiful, peaceful and easy to care for. Their majestic pale green belly and light blue dorsal sides are particularly stunning.

Other great additions are the Naso and Regal Tang species. Their brightly coloured bodies are tipped with a vibrant yellow colour and lyre-shaped tails with vertical bars towards the back.

The Yellow Tang is distinct in profile with an all-yellow body and recognisable snout-shaped mouth.

Finally, Anthias are the social butterfly of marine aquariums – the active fish likes to be kept in a group and will often occupy the center of the water.

Marine fish are captivating and hypnotic. There are fewer things in life that are more relaxing than admiring a selection of colourful marine fish swimming in between rocks, meandering through corals and gracefully floating just below the surface of the water on the lookout for food. Here at Aqualease we offer an extraordinary choice in stunning marine fish to go hand-in-hand with your chosen marine aquarium.

Marine aquarium rentals are a great introductory opportunity to become familiar with the incredible world of marine life. Our tanks can be integrated into any setting – the vibrant colours and absorbing behaviour of the marine fish, becoming an engaging point of interest for patients, clients, customers or children. Our selection of marine fish for hire, together with advice and support from out expert team of professionals, are provided with a flawless installation where they can begin their settling in period.

Marine fish are large in size compared to other varieties, making them an ideal choice to use in settings such as elderly residential homes, dementia care homes and children’s nurseries. The bright red, yellow, blue and purple colours of the different species are particularly eye-catching and easy to spot for those suffering from poor eyesight. Colour has also been found to significantly help the impaired vision of dementia patients (a common difficulty often experienced in victims of dementia) – particularly contrasting colours, These large brightly coloured marine fish can therefore aid the elderly and those suffering from dementia in being able to observe a marine tank’s activity, thus experience the relaxing benefits that one can offer to a communal room. The shape and colour of marine fish has also been reported by many of our clients in the past, to be incredibly beneficial for hand-eye coordination in young children, particularly nursery stage, where children enjoy following the swimming fish with their fingers.

Choose from a selection of our stunning marine fish and create your very own unique underwater universe as part of our unbeatable marine tank hire service.