Who Is Aqualease

“Aqualease seeks to create aquariums, marine and aquatic based projects to inspire, educate and create relaxing and calming environments.”
“Staff who are passionate and knowledgeable.  Aquariums, marine and aquatic based projects that are original and innovative.  Environments that create relaxation and calm as well as inspire and educate”  
Aqualease “Bringing aquatic environments to your work, rest and learning space”
  • Creative and innovative staff who can bring your initial thoughts and ideas to life.
  • Timescales to fit around you, the customer.
  • Ongoing help and support from installation and throughout your leasing/contract period.
  • Well-established Maintenance and Marine Ranger Team, who have a breadth of knowledge in the field of aquatic environments and marine biology.
  • Competitive prices, from as little as £1.30 per day.

About Aqualease

As independent specialists in aquarium rental and aquarium hire in the North West, we at Aqualease are proud to present a stunning collection of professionally equipped tropical, coldwater and marine tanks that cater for all needs and desires. With a completely unique bespoke service, we offer a hassle-free experience from start to finish – anchoring ourselves as the number one choice for aquarium rental in the UK. Trading with some of the most recognized and highly established brands with worldwide credibility, our company ethos to provide nothing but the best when it comes to quality and reliability, runs hand-in-hand with our revolutionary product range.

Our world class selection of supremely crafted aquariums combine cutting edge technology with ultimate sophistication. With styles and features that allow us to tap into the needs and wishes of each and every one of our clients, our aquarium installations for classrooms and offices are a cut above the rest. Fused with incredible resilience and providing a focal feature for every possible communal area, our aquariums for rental have also secured us a pivotal role in supplying to the health care sector. Perfect for foyers, waiting rooms and dental surgeries, our aquariums can be fitted and removed with a seamless service to provide a captivating distraction for patients. With studies that have been proven to support the relaxing effects that aquariums have on a person’s psychological, physical and emotional health – aquarium hire within businesses and hospitals across the UK is becoming and increasingly popular choice.

With a fitting service that includes a safety assessment, full integration of equipment and a supervised introductory period for all fish supplied, Aqualease provide all that you need for a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable fishkeeping experience. By adopting a varied and flexible approach to aquarium installations in the classroom, our successful team of qualified professionals have undertaken a key role in supplying children with the skills and knowledge needed for aquarium-keeping in schools up and down the country. Offering the opportunity to discover how underwater communities live and breed together in a dynamic habitat, aquarium hire for schools not only supports the national curriculum but equips young individuals with interchangeable skills that can be applied to a number of responsibilities met throughout young adulthood.

With a portfolio that includes the likes of world-renowned brands such as Juwel and Biorb, we are able to offer our customers unparalleled support, combined with a style and size of aquarium that fits in favourably with any individual circumstance. The diversity of our services is undeniably inspirational. Our versatility – admirable. Take a leisurely browse through our reputable tropical, marine and coldwater tanks to learn more about the services we offer.

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