Our unbeatable bespoke aquariums are second-to-none. Since the birth of our prestigious business, we have continued to strive for the ultimate best when it comes to providing flawless fish tank designs, built to the specific needs of our consumer. Our dedicated team of experts and designers at Aqualease can create the perfect fish tank to help enhance the beauty of any particular public room or space. Manufactured from either acrylic or glass, our custom-built aquarium installations use only the finest in materials for a durable and reliable finish.

Cottrills bespoke aquariumWhether you are looking for custom aquariums with slightly larger dimensions than available on the current market, or maybe considering a tank set into a featured wall – we can make every imaginable design a reality. Creating the right fish tank for your company can help to enhance your business image. All of our installations are carried out from initial pencil design, through to fitting with utmost professionalism, ensuring your bespoke design is exactly how you first envisaged. With a variety of designs and finishes available, choosing your equipment, fish and the execution of your custom aquarium is completely down to you! In-depth services are then carried out by our knowledgeable team on a regular basis to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of your beautiful fish tank within your chosen setting.

Land Rover bespoke aquariumsOur bespoke aquariums have been incredibly successful within the healthcare and education sector. As we continue to build upon our incredible portfolio of clients, we also continue to learn of more benefits that our stunning designs can bring to customers, patients and employees. Ever-growing research supporting the emotional, mental and physical benefits of custom aquariums in surgeries, waiting rooms and dental care settings, is becoming more and more significant. Observing the beautiful colours of tropical, marine or freshwater fish, together with vibrant corals and captivating bubble-effects can significantly reduce stress and lower blood pressure and heart rate. Our custom-built bespoke aquarium installations have also proven to be effective in education settings, helping children to focus their academic skills, as well as working in teams to learn about feeding, cleaning and marine ecosystems. Our acrylic fish tank designs are a safe choice for such environments due to the shatter-proof qualities of this chosen material compared to glass. Acrylic is a versatile material commonly used within our installations as it creates a stronger, clearer and lighter finish.

Choose from a wide range of design options, including column tanks and cabinet tanks, with a wide range of livestock options being available such as tropical and cold water fish.

Some of our most recent bespoke aquarium installations include the likes of Banny’s fish and chip restaurant which features a stunning contemporary cylindrical-shape design and a football themed tank for the National Football Museum. Other collaborations include  Cottrills Jewellers, Land Rover and Jo & Cass Hair Salon, with tanks accommodating up to 5000 litres and stretching lengths of up to 4.5 metres.

Contact a member of our team today to discuss our bespoke fish tanks, and let us know how we can build a custom aquariums that is unique to you!