Whether it is aquarium rentals for clinics, aquarium rentals for nursing homes or aquarium rentals for care homes that you are searching for, look no further than our sensational range of marine, reef and tropical aquariums for hire in the (North West) area. In addition to supplying to areas such as West Yorkshire, Stoke-on-Trent, North Wales and South Lakes – Aqualease has been specializing in complete aquarium installations from start to finish in Doctor’s surgeries, Dentists and NHS waiting rooms for over twelve years.  Fusing together the perfect balance of elegance and practicality, each tank is created to deliver on style as well as serving a purpose as a therapy aid.

The relationship between stress relief and aquariums is unquestionable. For thousands of years the association between flowing water and health and well-being has been recognized as both powerful and successful on a mental, emotional and physical level. Aqualease showcases an impressive range of stunning aquariums that prove to be much more than just a sophisticated and beautiful feature for the office. They have demonstrated a plethora of benefits in doctor’s surgeries, hospitals and dentists. Research that supports the beneficial effects of aquariums in any healthcare environment, has proven that whilst the natural activity of water is effective at reducing stress and anxiety, the ripple and bubble effects have also demonstrated that they act as a visual stimulation, helping to lower blood pressure in similar ways to hypnosis. Our fantastic range of aquariums for hire also bring many other advantages to working environments such as offices and conference rooms, introducing bright colours, textures and sounds to rooms that are often very minimalist and bland.

With a beautiful selection of curved tanks, cubic tanks, column aquariums and 6ft base designs, Aqualease offers something for everyone, courtesy of our bespoke service which allows us to meet the dimensional needs of your environment. Our DBS qualified technicians deliver a professional full installation, combined with support and advice on-hand to ensure that they leave you fully confident with your new aquarium and 100% satisfied with our service to you. Our bespoke aquariums are built and designed by hand before being fully installed into your setting, bringing bright and colourful features to your setting with utmost professionalism. Perfect for hospital foyers, doctor’s surgeries and dentist receptions areas, our aquarium hire service comes complete with a full service at regular monthly intervals, as well as a full supply of fish, sufficient fish food and any additional equipment you may require in order to operate your aquarium.

All of our pristine designs can incorporate individual colour and theming specifications. Integrating an eye catching aquarium into a healthcare setting brings all sorts of advantages to patients. People often relate the soothing rush of overlapping waves or the sound through a seashell as one of the most relaxing things to listen to. Visual aids such as our stunning reef and tropical aquariums work in very similar way, with customers who have noted a significant calming effects over their patients, together with a sense of elevation in mood and spirit.  Our rental aquariums act as a focal point for both large and small environments, but could also prove cost effective for the healthcare industry. Alzheimer’s patients who have access to an aquarium feature in their care home, have shown a reduction in aggressive behavior and a considerable increase in appetite which consequently reduces their need for nutritional supplements and lessens their demand on staffing levels.

Our super-strong and safely installed aquariums for hire have been manufactured from a selection of high-grade, durable materials to promote long-lasting reliability and come complete with risk assessments ready on installation. If you are interested in hiring an aquarium for your healthcare setting, please get in touch with a member of our team today where we can discuss your requirements with you in more details.